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What is the story behind OrangeList Florida?

The Founder of OrangeList Florida, Bryan Droppert - started investing in, renovating, and managing rental properties already in 2006. He became a licensed Realtor in 2010, and a Broker in 2017. Throughout his Real Estate Career, Bryan was specializing in selling and managing Rental Properties for his Clients until he became known by his peers as an expert in the field. He decided to officially launch OrangeList Property Management in 2015, with his Business Partner - Eric Cleary, expanding the business beyond his personal Clients. That's when things really took off.

Bryan has been married to his high school sweetheart since July 2006, and together they have 5 beautiful children, a toy poodle and a mini golden doodle.

Today, OrangeList Property Management has been awarded as 1 of Canada's top 10 Property Management companies and it manages over 700 properties in Southern Ontario - from single family homes to multi family buildings.

In 2021, Bryan decided to launch a brand new business in Florida putting his expertise to work in the Sunshine State. Florida is PACKED with opportunity as People and Businesses are pouring into the State . This has given rise to a very robust and healthy Real Estate Investment and Rental Market generating spectacular Passive Returns for Real Estate Investors.

Whether you're from Canada or the United States and you own, or have always wanted to own property in Florida, we've got you covered!


Call or Text us today for a personal consultation: 941-302-6265

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