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Buying a Rental House

Many Investors would love to own Property in Florida. However, due to their fear of the unknown, lack of local connections, or inexperience with the local Florida market... they've never pulled the trigger.


How do the taxes work? How do I get a mortgage? How long does it take? How am I supposed to decide on where in Florida to invest? There are honestly so many legitimate questions and concerns that make investing in Florida, seem implausible. 

OrangeList is here to handle everything for you. Whether you're an American or Canadian looking to invest in Florida Real Estate, we've got the entire process organized for you. It's important to know all of the complicated and unfamiliar processes are going to be professionally managed.

We really are a ONE STOP SHOP for our investor Clients.


We will:

1. find you the perfect house

2. produce detailed rent evaluations

3. produce realistic estimates for work that may be needed 

4. immediately start advertising your house for rent

5. screen the prospective tenants

6. handle the detailed lease agreement

7. make sure the house is ready on time for the new tenant to move in

8. collect the rent for you

9. produce monthly statements for you

10. coordinate maintenance 

11. conduct regular inspections

12. get you set up with reliable and honest lawyers. trades, and accountants

OrangeList will ensure EVERYTHING goes smoothly for you before, during, and after the sale. 

Call / Text us TODAY to get started!


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